How to set up and configure a managed dedicated server?

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A dedicated server is a physical server that is 100% allocated to the hosting user. All its resources like CPU, RAM, and SSD disk space are allocated to the single user. It means no sharing of resources will lead to the higher efficiency of web projects. If you are looking for a reliable dedicated web hosting service provider, MilesWeb is the leading name with experience over 11 +  years in this market.

Their dedicated servers are Intel Xeon processors and Indian and global data centers that host mission-critical web projects with higher efficiency.  All kinds of websites and applications will be hosted with optimum efficiency using a cheap dedicated server India.

Setting up and configuring dedicated servers required technical expertise. Therefore, managed dedicated hosting servers are offered by web hosts. In this kind of service, hardware, power, and connectivity are looked at by the web hosting service provider. With MilesWeb’s managed dedicated services, your servers will be done by tech professionals.

What is a Dedicated Server?

In simpler words, a dedicated server is a single-tenant hosting environment with resources allocated to one user only and not shared with anyone. There will be no noisy neighbors to hinder the web hosting operation. As a result, the performance of mission-critical web projects will be not affected.

Managed vs. Unmanaged Hosting

Choosing managed or unmanaged dedicated hosting is dependent on how much expertise your in-house team has. Strong technical expertise is required to manage servers because it includes hardware, power, and connectivity. Moreover, installing third-party software is also required to make applications accessible and hassle-free.

What to think before setup?

Once you have established a dedicated server and decided whether to take managed or unmanaged service, the next thing to consider is setup. It varies depending on your requirements and developers will make this task easier for you.

How to set up your dedicated server?

Choosing a Processor

In a server, if you are looking for something crucial in a server, it is a processor. The CPU comprises processors and how much you require them in CPU cores should be determined before setting up servers. Apart from that, which kind of web application you are hosting on dedicated servers matters a lot. The number of websites or applications you are hosting, your traffic, and your database size will factor into the processor you select.

Intel E3-1240 V2  or 2x Intel E5-2680 v4 are you required to host websites and applications in dedicated servers? Choose it first and then proceed further with backup and security service.

Considering Backup and Security Service

Backup data and make your stored information safe from all disasters. Reliable web hosts will provide you with a backup service as an add-on feature. So, if website owners are engaged in their daily activities, web hosts will back up all sensitive information. Now, while doing the process do not overlook the storage factor. If the backup exceeds limited storage, the server will perform less. Therefore, have a sufficient storage quota of backup you want to have.

Apart from that, security features in dedicated servers should be top-grade. Hence, research it in detail to keep all databases safe on servers.

Pick the Right Operating System and Control Panel

Linux or Windows which operating system would be preferred on your dedicated hosting? Both of them are available with MilesWeb but it is up to you which OS is required to host mission-critical web projects.

Along with that, control panels like cPanel or Plesk are essential to managing domains, FTP accounts, email accounts, and other databases of websites.

Other Features in Hosting Plans to Consider

Chassis options include single or double Power Supply Units (PSUs) and hot-swappable drive bays.

Choose Server Secure Plus to add additional security to your server through proven server-hardening configuration methods.

Do you want to protect your website from Distributed Denial of Service (DDoS) attacks? For mitigation of DDoS attacks, Liquid Web offers DDoS Attack Protection.

The number of public IP addresses for your server can be selected.

The bandwidth package you choose will depend on the amount of data you will be transferring.

Don’t Overlook Add-Ons

Lastly, we want to say that add-on features in the dedicated hosting plans are also a major factor to consider while setup. Web hosts provide these ads for maximum operational efficiency. Security & compliance, Storage/ backups, and other add-ons give users the potential to get a higher online ROI and scalability.

Wrapping Up:

Server hosting, web design, and content writing services are critical for any online business.

Server hosting is the backbone of any online business. It is where a business’s website resides and from where it is accessed by users worldwide. The performance of a website, its speed, uptime, and the overall user experience significantly depend on the quality of server hosting. Reliable server hosting ensures that the website is always available and accessible to customers, thereby helping businesses build credibility and trust among their audience.

Web design is another critical aspect of online businesses. It’s imperative for businesses to have a user-friendly, aesthetically pleasing, and intuitive website that offers seamless navigation and quick loading times.

Lastly, content writing services play a pivotal role in engaging visitors, communicating brand values, and driving conversions.

One should carefully choose any of these services for a seamless online presence.